‘True to Life’ Casting Call

We are casting for a down-to-earth African American female actress for a short-short interracial couple scene to be used on our reels. Robert will play the lead, we need a female to play opposite. If anyone is interested in submitting, please go to https://www.nycastings.com/casting-calls/True-To-Life-Short-Film.asp. Break a leg everyone!

Getting the Goods

I have a little announcement, MY FIRST REAL DEMO REEL IS FINISHED! Exciting, huh? ūüôā Over the last few months I have gathered a few of the best clips that I have done, and I put them together for my first real demo. I am hoping that it will help me further my work as an actor. I’m excited! I know it will be a good thing for when I audition soon¬†for an agent that I have been following. Plus, I will be going to an industry party soon, so¬†maybe I can get some awesome contacts made there!¬† I can give some lucky people my demo there. I guess the trick is to be positive! This is my daily affirmation, and that, I am doing.

I will wrap my segment soon with the independent film that I am working on with Scott Goldberg. He has really shown me a lot, and I am grateful for that. Maybe one day I can film something with what I have learned. It could happen! My other affirmation is that I will try to not work on too many more background jobs. My new focus is to get as much principal work as possible. I have nothing against background work, I did do a major action film as a background performer, but would I honestly say no to an on-camera role over doing that? Possibly. I was deep background though. But to be a part of it, it was phenomenal! The future is looking really good. I AM a happy dude. Horns up!

~ Robert