Looking good!

I am really happy with my new design to this site! Headshots are coming. Demo reel is in the works, as I speak. I have a few scenes that I will be adding to it, and it looks like I have new material that is about to come up in March! Passport is in the mail, I am definitely looking forward to more international auditions! It is a game of numbers. I think that by having a manager that can help me develop my brand might be really important! Having a manager could really help reduce the number of people I see too. Know anyone? I am completely moldable, shapable — as long as it fits my “salt of the earth”, “blue collar”, and “all around nice guy/ but not a push-over!” character. 😉 I’m still keeping busy with work, school, and taking acting classes as much as possible. Where do I find the time?! I think that my higher power gives me everything that I know that I can handle. I also think that I could be doing more, but that is just my own feeling. Maybe I will look into volunteering somewhere. I like helping others, seriously! Maybe next time I will have some really fabulous news that will knock your socks off, but until then… horns up!

~ Robert