Been busy, busy, busy

It’s been a month since my last post, but I want to thank everyone for checking out my Official Website! Things have been on the down low lately, I have been doing a lot of personal business and really have nothing to report on the entertainment business side as of yet. I have been active though! I have been submitting my butt off for everything that comes my way that is related to my niche character. I could really use a Manager and a good Agent, but that will come. I graduate with an Associate’s Degree at the end of July, looking forward to jumping right back in and getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Even thought that is not exactly the degree I want, it is what is available. I can always transfer to a local college and take Acting, or maybe even Broadcasting. Now those are the classes that I would love to take! Student Film season is about to wind down, and the fall show schedule is about to start, if it has not started already. There should be some more bookings soon. I am hopeful that an audition for a principal role will come soon, hey maybe I might be able to even book it! That would be totally cool. I have to start somewhere. Big news is coming soon though, I will reveal when the time comes! Horns up!

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