I’m Getting My Team Assembled

I have been in talks with several area industry people and it looks like my ladder climbing is paying off. Granted, I am still at the bottom, but I am doing what I can to get myself out there. I signed up with a new online casting agency, which seems promising. I have contacted an Entertainment Lawyer who seems to be on the up. He told me he can help me with contracts and things, not to help me push my screenplay- that is the work of an Agent. I do need a respectable Agent though, as well as a good Manager. I’ll get there. I am in the process of scripting a demo reel, and I have a couple ideas on how I will get it filmed. For those who don’t know what a demo reel is, it’s a highlight reel of an actor’s best work. Since I do not have any on-screen material, I will have to craft one myself. By the way, did anyone see me on Sunday night’s “NYC 22” on CBS? I had plenty of facetime! Now I just need dialog! :o) Newer headshots are my next priority, the reel, and then the Agent and Manager. I can almost taste the success man! Stick with me! Horns up!