“Rent-A-Neighbor” Is Being Packaged For A Festival Run In 2022

A short film that was shot in Greenport, Long Island last September co-starring Robert is getting ready to be sent out to film festivals real soon. Written, produced, and directed by Jim Morrison (no, not the Doors singer for obvious reasons…), the film had a private showing to a small group of family and friends, at the Morrison family’s palatial estate (a real stronghold) last night. Once James’ current film, “The Clam Kid” finishes its festival run, “Neighbor” will be sent out to all the usual festivals and beyond! Details will be brought to you as they unfold. Looking to the future, a new project is on the horizon for shooting in the fall, with Robert acting as well. Busy, busy, busy we are. Keep following us for more!

Published by Robert B. Leckington, MCM

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