Bitter, But Looking Forward!

I want to make it public that I DO NOT like, AT ALL! I have been in business with them for roughly three years now, and within that time I had a domain name transferred from another domain registrar. A name that I have held for over 16 years and counting. Just this last week I was told that the name had been sold out from underneath due to the fact that I had not renewed my registration. Believe me, if I had known that my registration was due, I would have been johnny-on-the-spot! Seems like the last 16 years were nothing but a waste! My friends can tell you that I had held onto that name for dear life knowing full well that if I lapsed in renewal someone would come and snatch it up. Well… that time has come and I feel violated. did nothing to tell me that it was up for renewal, and had told me when I asked that it was industry wide inpolicy that you only get notified when you pay a ton of money for a premium service that really has no bearing other than to line their own pockets.

As it is, I no longer have the domain, but when I signed up with this morning to set up a newer name, what do you think they offered?? For only a few extra dollars I was able to get them to tell me at the end of my registration that it is about to be put out for someone else to get, but only after they have contacted me for up to a year after the domain expires. Is the right choice in your opinion? Not mine. As soon as I am able, I am transferring my MrFrench.TV domain to I do not know what was in me when I decided to go with Seriously, do not use them if you do not want your name outsold on you!!!

Headshots have arrived! I want to thank my new friend Junio for doing an excellent job with them. Junio was a classmate of mine in a local acting school. Little did I know! But you can go to my HOMEPAGE to see the goods. I have only four there, but the others are just as awesome.

I am six weeks away from graduating college! When I am done, I’m doing a full court press on acting and doing some music stuff. It would be nice if I could get a job that could help me combine all those skills together, than it wouldn’t even be work, right? I am excited to see what the future brings, as I have submitted for a couple roles that will hopefully help add credits to my resume and boost my credibility to potential Agents and Managers!

Something else that I am happy to announce is that I have signed up with one of Manhattan’s most famous comedy clubs… Caroline’s Comedy Club for a beginner’s class in stand-up comedy. I am hoping that this will help me get some comedic timing, and provide a way for me to think outside the envelope when writing my own material to use in films. After all, I am graduating with a degree in Journalism, right????

The photography equipment is in the works still, I am working towards getting a few other goals finished first, but you know me. I will definitely do a podcast here in the next few days because I am wanting to get that on a steady stream of updates as well. Be looking out for that real soon!

Don’t worry you guys, I am doing well and I am happy to get the things done I want to get done. Positivity!

Keep them horns to where I can see them!     \m/(::)\m/

Au Revior

~ Robert