Wind It Down, or Up?

Is it really that bad? No. This is a production still from the feature film, “Moirai” that I have been filming for the last year on the weekends. This is me portraying a character who is in a psych session airing his issues, and having a tough enough time talking about them. Even though we have been filming all this time, it just now seems like we are getting into the “nuts and bolts” of the feature. We have been figuring things out as we go, which by definition has made it tough for us to smooth out a storyline. It has been a very organic experience, but fun to do. Sometimes, it can be tougher than I imagined, but it is all for the film. As much as I would like to give you the breakdown of the film, that would be cheating now wouldn’t it? We want you to see the film. You will be shocked and amazed I can tell you that!

I am adding a headshot or two onto the home page. I want the industry folks to see what I have, what my character looks are, so that it makes it easier to cast me. Right now, there are the usual photos that I have. As you can see I do not have new headshots, but they are coming! Best believe.

I have come to the end of writing my very first screenplay outline. I gave up on writing dialog for now because I just needed to get the outline finished first. It was killing me to come up with dialog without having an ending. Now that I have an ending, I can start writing the dialog again. Fun stuff!

This year has been a good year. I had multiple auditions that I never thought that I would ever get to attend, and ended up filming a few scenes while maintaining work, school and the weekend filming with the Moirai production. All in all, I’d say I had a really good year. Even with another month left to go in 2013, who knows… maybe a great reoccurring role might land in my lap? Wishful thinking. 🙂 I will continue to push forward, MUSH! MUSH you huskies!

Next August I graduate college with a bachelors in communications. My next step, I think, would be to somehow land more classes with either the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, or some other journalism related class related to broadcasting. But you know I will never give up acting. It is too much fun, and I am learning a lot. By the way… a buddy of mine, Kuch, has found a practice space in New York City to where we can play music, and all I need to do is bring drumsticks! That is totally cool because if anyone knew how heavy drum equipment is, and how time consuming it is to set that stuff up, you’d know that it is a good thing to just bring drumsticks!

Horns up you guys!

~ Robert