September 2022

Robert’s back in it this month with a short scene being shot in the Catskills, NY. The Forest Hills, is a horror film with a few twists and turns, but in a modern day feel. He’s also still looking to add an actor and actress for a short proof of concept film to be shot in the near future in the northern New Jersey area. Details will be revealed soon, or if you’re the inquisitive type, you can always DM him for any interest. See you soon!

Let’s Start Off 2022 With A Bang!!

Thank you for an incredible year!

So while 2021 was rather eventful with the whole COVID recovery and new strain lurking fiasco among other social issues, there was some good that came out of all of it! All in all, 2021 has been a good year. Robert had over 38 total auditions with his type, worked his first stand-in role for a big budget horror film to be released on Paramount+ next year. Robert was invited to be a co-host for a podcast TV show that’s being broadcast across multiple continents, which by the way is an amazing show, you need to watch! Tuesday nights 8pm EST on, @SpanglishNTWK, Youtube, FB, IG, or Twitter, now we’re broadcasting live on our own Twitch channel! We’re everywhere baby! Starting January, he has also been invited to be an intern at the Actors Studio in New York City. Great stuff. Here’s to an amazing start to 2022! Don’t forget to crack open a cold one (you’re preferred bevy) on January 2nd, as that is Robert’s birthday. Maybe he’ll do a live show from home to celebrate with all ya’ll? 😉 Positivity and light to all, see ya’ll next year!

Take care.

“Rent-A-Neighbor” Is Being Packaged For A Festival Run In 2022

A short film that was shot in Greenport, Long Island last September co-starring Robert is getting ready to be sent out to film festivals real soon. Written, produced, and directed by Jim Morrison (no, not the Doors singer for obvious reasons…), the film had a private showing to a small group of family and friends, at the Morrison family’s palatial estate (a real stronghold) last night. Once James’ current film, “The Clam Kid” finishes its festival run, “Neighbor” will be sent out to all the usual festivals and beyond! Details will be brought to you as they unfold. Looking to the future, a new project is on the horizon for shooting in the fall, with Robert acting as well. Busy, busy, busy we are. Keep following us for more!

A New Year With Endless Possibilities

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Since January 1, Robert has started a new acting class with an amazing acting coach, and has logged in two auditions. One for an episodic TV show, and one for a local agent to NYC. Let’s hope with the number of COVID cases dropping, and/or stabilizing, we can all get back to work. Also, it’s been a while, but Robert has also picked up the sticks and is working on the fundamentals for drum mastery again! Maybe a video diary might be in order?! Take care. Updates soon.

Winding Down 2020

From the desk of Robert Leckington:

As all of you are aware, 2020 has been a real test to us all, with a lot of businesses either shut down or are running at a minimum capacity. The entertainment business is no different. Broadway shows have been either cancelled or postponed, while the tri-state productions that are back to filming are overly cautious and continually checking actors for COVID related symptoms. Things have been halted to an excruciatingly slow crawl.

It is my hope that 2021 is an even better year for all of us and that things will return to normal at least to a better degree than they are now, anyway. I am sending positivity and light to everyone who needs it right now. Sure, I have been under a lot of stress lately and that positivity from me might sound a little odd, but it is my hope that we will endure and bring back what was lost this past year.

We can all help one another some way, somehow. Volunteering to help those that are struggling in any way possible is a good thing. It’s also a character builder. It shows your true character when you decline to help when you have so much more than you need. I took a service job recently that has opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn’t know I was capable of doing. It even has me considering doing outside volunteer work, if I have the time to do it, that is. I, personally want more out of myself. I want to help others and I encourage others to do the same.

As I sit here in a mall parking lot in South Jersey writing this post, I reflect on how far we’ve come this year. We are a nation of strength, we can and WILL get through this pandemic! Please be good to one another, I know it’s a stressful time, but if we can just get past our thoughts of indiscretion, I am positive that we can rebuild from what we’ve endured this past year! Keep up the positiveness my friends!

By the way, “Off The Grid: Survivalism and Frugality”, a docu-drama I co-star in is streaming on Amazon Prime! Go check it out at

I’ll write to you when I can.

All the best, Robert

‘Off The Grid: Survivalism & Frugality’ a docu-drama on Amazon Prime

Our docu-drama feature film has been on Amazon Prime for a few months now and has gotten some great reviews by friends and family. Why not stop by anytime and see how good it is for yourself? Leave some love.

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Our Website & Covid-19 Issues

While we respect the issues and concerns of many, hardships have been endured. These concerns will be continually evaluated for the best possible experience of all involved. Look out for new changes to this webspace coming soon, you can even look out for new content to be shared right here soon as well. We hope that you are all safe and practicing safe distancing. You won’t want to miss what the future holds! Take care.

~ ~ ~

New Press: A Film Review

Our short-short, “5 Minutes Alone” has been reviewed once again! Positivity and light for all to see. Come check it out for yourself.

Short and Sweet: Robert Leckington’s 5 MINUTES ALONE:

Take care, everyone, during the pandemic!


Film With Us!

Here’s a post to our Facebook public page timeline, we’d love for you all to see. Come check it out!