Let’s Start Off 2022 With A Bang!!

Thank you for an incredible year!

So while 2021 was rather eventful with the whole COVID recovery and new strain lurking fiasco among other social issues, there was some good that came out of all of it! All in all, 2021 has been a good year. Robert had over 38 total auditions with his type, worked his first stand-in role for a big budget horror film to be released on Paramount+ next year. Robert was invited to be a co-host for a podcast TV show that’s being broadcast across multiple continents, which by the way is an amazing show, you need to watch! Tuesday nights 8pm EST on ZingoTV.com, @SpanglishNTWK, Youtube, FB, IG, or Twitter, now we’re broadcasting live on our own Twitch channel! We’re everywhere baby! Starting January, he has also been invited to be an intern at the Actors Studio in New York City. Great stuff. Here’s to an amazing start to 2022! Don’t forget to crack open a cold one (you’re preferred bevy) on January 2nd, as that is Robert’s birthday. Maybe he’ll do a live show from home to celebrate with all ya’ll? 😉 Positivity and light to all, see ya’ll next year!

Take care.

“Rent-A-Neighbor” Is Being Packaged For A Festival Run In 2022

A short film that was shot in Greenport, Long Island last September co-starring Robert is getting ready to be sent out to film festivals real soon. Written, produced, and directed by Jim Morrison (no, not the Doors singer for obvious reasons…), the film had a private showing to a small group of family and friends, at the Morrison family’s palatial estate (a real stronghold) last night. Once James’ current film, “The Clam Kid” finishes its festival run, “Neighbor” will be sent out to all the usual festivals and beyond! Details will be brought to you as they unfold. Looking to the future, a new project is on the horizon for shooting in the fall, with Robert acting as well. Busy, busy, busy we are. Keep following us for more!

Film With Us!

Here’s a post to our Facebook public page timeline, we’d love for you all to see. Come check it out!

Electric Love Cats

A new band is in the works. You can come see what is going on by going to FaceBook or ReverbNation. The links are listed below. New media and other content will be available soon.

The Electric Love Cats Facebook Page
The Electric Love Cats ReverbNation Page

Bitter, But Looking Forward!

I want to make it public that I DO NOT like Domain.com, AT ALL! I have been in business with them for roughly three years now, and within that time I had a domain name transferred from another domain registrar. A name that I have held for over 16 years and counting. Just this last week I was told that the name had been sold out from underneath due to the fact that I had not renewed my registration. Believe me, if I had known that my registration was due, I would have been johnny-on-the-spot! Seems like the last 16 years were nothing but a waste! My friends can tell you that I had held onto that name for dear life knowing full well that if I lapsed in renewal someone would come and snatch it up. Well… that time has come and I feel violated. Domain.com did nothing to tell me that it was up for renewal, and had told me when I asked that it was industry wide inpolicy that you only get notified when you pay a ton of money for a premium service that really has no bearing other than to line their own pockets.

As it is, I no longer have the domain, but when I signed up with GoDaddy.com this morning to set up a newer name, what do you think they offered?? For only a few extra dollars I was able to get them to tell me at the end of my registration that it is about to be put out for someone else to get, but only after they have contacted me for up to a year after the domain expires. Is Domain.com the right choice in your opinion? Not mine. As soon as I am able, I am transferring my MrFrench.TV domain to GoDaddy.com I do not know what was in me when I decided to go with Domain.com. Seriously, do not use them if you do not want your name outsold on you!!!

Headshots have arrived! I want to thank my new friend Junio for doing an excellent job with them. Junio was a classmate of mine in a local acting school. Little did I know! But you can go to my HOMEPAGE to see the goods. I have only four there, but the others are just as awesome.

I am six weeks away from graduating college! When I am done, I’m doing a full court press on acting and doing some music stuff. It would be nice if I could get a job that could help me combine all those skills together, than it wouldn’t even be work, right? I am excited to see what the future brings, as I have submitted for a couple roles that will hopefully help add credits to my resume and boost my credibility to potential Agents and Managers!

Something else that I am happy to announce is that I have signed up with one of Manhattan’s most famous comedy clubs… Caroline’s Comedy Club for a beginner’s class in stand-up comedy. I am hoping that this will help me get some comedic timing, and provide a way for me to think outside the envelope when writing my own material to use in films. After all, I am graduating with a degree in Journalism, right????

The photography equipment is in the works still, I am working towards getting a few other goals finished first, but you know me. I will definitely do a podcast here in the next few days because I am wanting to get that on a steady stream of updates as well. Be looking out for that real soon!

Don’t worry you guys, I am doing well and I am happy to get the things done I want to get done. Positivity!

Keep them horns to where I can see them!     \m/(::)\m/

Au Revior

~ Robert

New Projects

Hi all. I am in the process of getting some new gear, photography and music gear that is. I found a neat little Nikon for a pretty good price from a second hand store near me. This camera is strictly for photos. It does not have film capabilities, but is a nice unit. And the good thing is that it will work with the lenses that I have gotten already for my current camera.

The music gear is a toss-up. I want to get some drum gear, but I am going to need to pay down some debt before I venture off onto that road. What I have found is a portable kit that I can tear down in less than five minutes. Compared to my old kit, that is glorious! The other would be a full on blown out kit like before, just not as large. Or… I may even possibly go with an electronic kit. So The possibilities are a little mind numbing at the moment, but rest assured, I will get the gear I want. My new band project is called, The Electric Love Cats and we will be playing some varied shows here and there. A goal is to get a track on the soundtrack to the new film we are working on. It’s not going to be that hard since the director and I are the ones who started this little side project.

Starting in the middle of October, I am going to be submitting as much as I can for new roles. With new head shots, I should be able to get work, and hopefully get on some kind of groundbreaking show. My improv skills are really good dont’cha know! Which brings me to a new idea. I want to take a comedy class in the city. It’s four weeks and on the last week, I get a DVD of my performance to use. I am really excited to take it because it is another skill to add to my resume. A photography class is also on the horizon. And as always, a new podcast will be sent out real soon too.

So see… new projects are coming up and I cannot wait to devote my time and energy to them, because it makes me happy to be as creative as possible. It keeps me sane from all the stress in my life. Stress that is either of my own creation, or otherwise.

Keep your horns up!

~ Robert

Silent But Deadly

Isn’t it great that we can achieve what we want? It is all a matter of putting our minds to whatever we want to do and then just doing it. No outside influences can deny what we truly want to do, if we make our minds up. I have done this with several of my own life experiences. It can only go up from here!

Looking back over the last four years, it has been quite a ride for me. I got into acting in late October 2009, which opened up more creative doors for me. I started my road onto college in 2010, and now I’m graduating. You probably hear me talking about that a lot, but if you knew who I was before I came out East, then you’d understand. It wasn’t all good for me, and I appreciate how far I’ve come. It wasn’t all that bad either being from where I was from, but the direction I was headed was not where I wanted to be.

The work I’ve accomplished here on the East Coast has given me the necessary bullets to mow down any personal crisis I may have moving forward. I still have problems, I am not perfect, and I will never say that I am perfect, but when things align you just know, don’t you?

My creative side has finally caught up to me after being stuffed away for so long, it amazes me how much of a talented person I am, and those that are around me for that matter. You should always surround yourself with those that are little better than yourself, so that it gives us something to strive for. Think of it almost like a personal trainer situation. They help to coach you in situations that they may have been in, and so for those that have helped me, I thank you.

The way I see it, this whole artistic side to me has been swelling inside for so long it wants to unleash its wrath! No, I am not talking about hurting myself or others, but if this creative side were to blind you, I can’t help that! You better find yourself some Blue Blocker sunglasses, because the future looks so damn bright I might even burn my own retinas!

Recently I did a music video where I was a featured background actor portraying a construction worker. I got plenty of screen time for that. Look it up, the band is called “Hundred Waters” and the track is called “Murmurs.” It’s a dream scene, so we are all out of it and tired in the shot, which is deliberate! I had a good time filming that one.

I also filmed a scene for a popular reality TV show where I am a restaurant customer being a real jerk testing the wait staff at the restaurant which was also a lot of fun. I had plenty of screen time and dialogue for that one, so I hope that it comes out great. I had fun, I hope you like it too. I’ll tell you more about that when I get all the details myself!

I’ve been dilly-dallying when it comes to making up podcasts. I want to make them, it is just hard to come up with material to talk about a lot of times, but I have some new news that will be good to share there, it involves more creative work, so maybe you should go and check out my previous stuff to get caught up before the new podcast comes out, why not?

http://www.spreaker.com/user/robertbleck1 is the link, click it and love it!

Until next time, keep your horns held high, or hey… dip them, up to you!

Take care.

~ Robert

Shoot to thrill

I have been doing what I do for a while now. I like to think that what I do makes people happy, or at least makes them feel good in some way. In my last post I wrote that I did not have much to write about, but this time, I do. I have been very busy with shooting the feature, which has kept me from doing any other outside work at the moment, but that is all going to change. I can already see that this feature is going to do really well. I have done a few dialog scenes that are explosive! Yesterday’s shoot went really well, we did a couple of shots that called for me to get really angry. When you start to get a headache from being all mad and shouting, being tense, you know it’s going to be a good take. Let’s just hope that I do not have to much more of that for a bit. I don’t want to end up with a brain aneurysm! There are other shots that can be done I think.

You can view what is going on in our movie by going to http://www.facebook.com/MoiraiFeatureFilm. Many more segments to film, and my time may end up being extended out even further.

I am taking a creative writing class in my class studies, and it really has opened my eyes a little to the structure of a story. I think that now I can finish a few of the shorts that I have started, and possibly even get into writing some more new stories. Without having an ending in mind, it makes it tough to finish your story because the end result may take longer to create if you have not already created it. This class has helped me to focus on all aspects of the story. Hell I may even finally be able to register a few of the shorts I have written! I would love to film a shot in New York City on Broadway, but it’s cost prohibitive for me at this point. I had an idea about a particular shot that requires special equipment, you know the city wants a piece of the action before it becomes huge right?!

Next year I am going to focus on a few new career goals. I want to work on getting an agent, booking work that fits my character and possibly even get some world travel in. I would love to film in the U.K.! That would be a really awesome life moment in time. The next career goal would be to join the union. I keep talking about doing it, but I think that it is something that needs to be done right now. I am losing out on benefits, and being able to book work that is worth the time. It is important to me that I be recognized as a professional because there have been way too many things in my life that have not come true when I know that I am committed and faithful to the artistic vision. I am not saying that I more important than others, but what I am saying is that I want to be viewed as someone who helped to make life bearable to those who have experienced my artistic creations, whether they were good or bad.

Horns up!

~ Robert