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Our short-short, “5 Minutes Alone” has been reviewed once again! Positivity and light for all to see. Come check it out for yourself.

Short and Sweet: Robert Leckington’s 5 MINUTES ALONE:

Take care, everyone, during the pandemic!


Film With Us!

Here’s a post to our Facebook public page timeline, we’d love for you all to see. Come check it out!

Casting For Short Scene, “True To Life”

Hello all. Thank you for your interest in our short scene.

Big Red 4 Productions is casting a non-union down-to-earth African-American female for the role of “Tanya” in a short scene to be shot in the NYC area. We will give IMDB credit to all involved, and copy will be provided for your reel. This particular project was to be shot last Fall but had been put on hold due to budgetary reasons. But we’re back!

“True To Life” is a short dramedy scene about an interracial couple having a discussion of an uncomfortable situation. It’s nighttime, before bed scene, NO nudity. The actress should be comfortable wearing a nightgown. One option is to wear an XL football jersey (no logos). Also, please bring a neutral-colored silk nightcap or bandanna. No make-up or jewelry will be needed.

The actress should have braids (they do not have to be too long, but at least medium length). Height should be 5’5″ or shorter. Proportionate weight and size.

More than likely, the scene will be shot in a motel room as the scene is set during a vacation trip between the two characters.

Pay is $150, and the total amount of time for filming will be no longer than two hours maximum. We’re working with a small crew and have a limited budget. The emphasis will be on the safety and comfort of the actress participating. If interested, please email us at

I have provided the original breakdown below from last Fall, but have since updated the current breakdown to eliminate toll and self-taped monologue requirement. Although sending one in would be better to showcase your talent. Thanks.

Original breakdown:

Hello.  I am happy to have you submit yourself for the role of “Tanya”, for my latest short demo reel clip. It’s my second film in a year. The idea behind this scene came from my own experience in my current interracial relationship. It’s a timely situation between a soon-to-be-married couple (in this scene anyway) and expectations between a neurotic husband (myself, playing the role of Nate) and a loving and inquisitive wife. There is a bit of dry humor in the last part of the clip, just so you know. Anyway, it is nighttime, before bed scene. I know the breakdown mentioned a nightgown but if you’re cool with it that’s fine, but now I’m kind of thinking maybe a nightshirt, or extra long football jersey (numbers, no logos if you have one) or something might work as well. Tanya will be wrapping her braids into a nightcap, so a neutral-colored nightcap would be ideal. I’m working with a small crew, they aren’t getting paid. I promised to pay the talent a $100 stipend and the possibility of travel expenses. As long as you keep your toll receipts I may possibly be able to reimburse you. As we stand right now, I was just hoping you could send in a self-taped 1-minute comedic monologue and a self-taped 1-minute dramatic monologue for my CD so she can see your work, or if you already have a demo reel — even better. You have a little bit of time, about a month since I am not able to shoot the scene until we can find a location and set the schedule for my crew. I’m targeting the end of September, early October. We will let you know if and when details become available. If you’d like to see my other short clip that we made last year you can go to and see it there. Thanks again for your interest!

~ Robert


DISCLAIMER: Extremely Loud Media, LLC., its subsidiary, Big Red 4 Productions, nor Robert Leckington will ever ask for any upfront money or fees from talent. We DO NOT give permission for this to be posted on other sites. Facebook and/or Twitter sharing is OK. If a pay-site posts this information it will be referred to our legal team.

Actor & Drummer

Our good friend and publicist, Lisa Pellegrene, wrote a second article showcasing Robert and his talent back in November that wasn’t made available here. For your consideration, we’d like to share it with you now. Click the link here to view the article: Los Angeles

Big Press, No Whammies

Lisa Pellegrene PR has written a story showcasing Robert’s musical background in a new article published by New York Click this hyperlink to read the article.

‘True to Life’ Casting Call

We are casting for a down-to-earth African American female actress for a short-short interracial couple scene to be used on our reels. Robert will play the lead, we need a female to play opposite. If anyone is interested in submitting, please go to Break a leg everyone!

2019: ‘Off’ To A Great Start

“Off The Grid” has been submitted to nearly 20 film festivals, which includes a few Academy Award qualifying festivals. The goal is to gain enough exposure to possibly get a distribution deal.

‘5 Minutes Alone’ is currently being passed around to a select few film festivals of its own.

Robert is in pre-production for a new feature film to start shooting in late Spring. He is also auditioning quite a bit and has a great shot at a possible stretch role in the works with a local independent filmmaker.

For more information keep checking back, or find us at You can also get highlighted updates at

Updated Demo Reel for 2019

I have uploaded a new version of my Demo Reel for all to view. You can check it out on the main page or you can go to and see it here:

‘5 Minutes Alone’ Available Online Now!

Our short film shot in Greenport, LI is now live on YouTube. Please like, and share. Any questions feel free to email me at